Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pretty Woman Series

So many of you have already started reading my Pretty Woman Series. Thank you for the kind reviews! I want to give a cover reveal of the third book so you can look forward to it coming out March 2017. Again, please tell your friends about Isabella, Mia, and Nikki so they can join you on this Pretty Woman adventure! I wrote each of these books in about a week and a half that's how much these characters we're speaking to me! I had so much fun writing these that I felt sort of sad when the series ended. I really hope my readers enjoy them as much as I did creating their stories!

I am soooooo excited about my next series!

Hey friends,

I want to share my next series, a REAL life fairytale, coming soon to Amazon!
It's a super fun, small town remake of the fairytales we all have grown to love!
I hope you enjoy them and tell all of your friends about them. They are clean, sweet romances.
If you love fairytales you will LOVE real life fairytales, I promise!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Opinions on a "teen mom" series

Having a thought?
I want to know what my readers would think of a "teen mom" series. These books would be the stories of my adopted children and a dream I had after I adopted my sweet babies. The premise will follow more of a "Jayne Doe" feel that deals with heaven and earth. (I hope you've read Jayne Doe) Every part of the book will deal with true facts of my adoption process and the crazy things me and the birth mothers went through to find each other on this amazing planet. The fictitious part would be the heavens which came to me in my dream, yet as long as I'm alive I will believe it's real! I would love to hear your comments!
Help with Amazon Marketing

Hey friends, can I ask a huge favor? Will any of you go on Amazon and look up Jamie Brook Thompson. There you will find a list of my books. All I'm asking is you add them to your wish list. This will have Amazon boost my marketing and really help me out!
Thanks so much!
Peace and Love