Friday, March 17, 2017

What does social media do to us?

So last night I made the nuclear mistake of checking my social media right before bed. And, I happened to stumble across a comment a woman made that was "sweetly" written in order to be brutally nasty. She basically wanted this author to remove her post from the "awesome" authors group. Um, who gets to decide that they're AWESOME?! Can't we all just live in a world of AWESOMENESS? Whatever! I'm still a little heated, which is why I'm writing on here, my one little piece of the internet where it's all mine. I honestly think we get so much social media that public opinion becomes our truth. How sad! What would happen if a few of us discovered the beauty of knowing our TRUE SELF without our social media backing. Maybe some of you do? But the important thing is just knowing you're WONDERFUL without the world telling you different, and being KIND! Make that your goal today! Know your wonderful. :)
Peace and Love good friends!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I will, I do, I'm awesome, and that's the truth.

Jamie Brook Thompson said...

I LOVE that, Starting Over, Accepting Changes-Maybe. YOU ARE AWESOME!

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